South LA is the Future


South Los Angeles is the future, 2017

Strategy, Design, Digital & Experiential

Working with The California Endowment on their Building Healthy Communities South Los Angeles (BHC SLA) program, we help facilitate, develop, and design the communications messaging and creative with our 40 community partners in the South Los Angeles region. This engagement specifically of 25 years of community change after the 1992 uprising.

Our engagement included: facilitation of community partners focus groups, participation in all partners meetings, developing and securing media opportunities for various partners, creating messaging and designing all collateral, including branding of campaign, flyers, invites, and posters. Team Friday also developed a website and building community message strategies for all digital engagement.




Web Design

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Posters, Stickers, Rally Signs & Invitation

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Snapchat Filter & socal Media

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#SouthLAistheFuture 📷 by the OG: @photoham

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